So there’s this. And some of the camera alteration tips are super simple/cool— some you may already know from being in middle school and lugging these things on field trips. (Bang for double exposure, FTW.)

Fun if you’re broke like me and/or don’t have a desire to invest in an fancy camera that you will likely lose/break.

Kids these days don’t know the glory of disposable cameras!

Kind of disappointed by a few of words that are included here, but most are really interesting… esprit d’escalier is a common one for these kinds of lists that I never get tired of. And ilunga was my favorite find.

Umami is kind of overused so that’s probably why they left it out (or because people are proposing some very close translations like “savoriness”) but I really like anything food-related and wish I could find more. Another great one I think can’t be translated into English is utang ng loob.


Am I the only person who noticed that he hasn’t been doing late-night talk show segments in the US for (500) Days of Summer or G.I. Joe? It’s always Zooey or Channing. Hmm…

Anyway, Joe on BBC Breakfast. Is it creepy that I knew he’d cite Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman? Ergh. Anyway— watch and enjoy.

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